I believe professional photography is a dynamic conversation between two storytellers: photographer and model. Stories come alive when the two come together in a unique location, creating a special moment and capturing an experience that will live forever. I especially appreciate captivating, natural photos of humans fully expressing their individuality.


On a trip to Firenze, Italy, I got up at sunrise and watched in awe as the sun’s soft-orange glow rose over the magnificent Duomo Cathedral. As the moment slipped by, I tried desperately to capture the beauty of this once-in-a lifetime sunrise with my iPhone. I took several selfies and asked a stranger to take a photo of me, praying I might have stumbled upon a random tourist who knew what he was doing with a camera. No such luck. The results never reflected the cinematic, alchemical magic of the moment: the color, light, air and the way I felt.


On my way home, frustrated that I would carry a bunch of disappointing photos with me forever, I had an "aha" moment: what if there was a simple way to connect with a professional photographer and capture an experience like that forever? Why are professional photographers only hired for so-called "life" events, like weddings and graduations? Isn't life full of events that we hold as special, unique, never-to-be-forgotten? Don't they deserve to be preserved with the essence of their beauty, the energy and emotions intact? What if I could use my smartphone, not just to take photos, but to easily find, book and meet talented photographers who could help me capture life's special moments?


Translating as “sunbursts” in Italian, Sprazzi represents my dream: bringing the talents of the paparazzi to us all. Life is full of "sprazzi moments” - unique experiences that deserve to be recorded, shared and re-lived for a lifetime. 


In the era of Instagram, we all want to share the highlights - the colors, the aesthetics, the joy de vivre - of our lives with those who follow us. A professional photographer can be at your fingertips to help you tell your story the way it deserves to be told. 


Jason K.

Founder | CEO